Lynda Cairo

Agency Assistant

Domicile State: FL

Lynda Cairo has over 35 years working with sales agents, to service the needs of business professionals and high net-orth individuals  Her experience includes managing the sales and marketing department at the Home Office of Mutual Benefit Life Insurance company in Newark, NJ.  Lynda provides sales and marketing research for Angelo and Branden, which requires performing due diligence on the appropriateness of insurance and annuity products for both the Corporate and Individual markets.  Lynda also facilitate the application and underwriting process for the firm's clients.

Lynda's other area of focus is in Employee Benefits.  She is largely responsible for the day-to-day management of Group Benefits accounts, having built solid relationships with clients, Human Resource Managers, and other support staff. She and her staff manage service issues, research problems, and implement timely, effective solutions.  She also conducts employee enrollment meetings at client sites, or via Webinar, as required.


Phone (561) 296-5615
Fax (561) 844-9570