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SmartVestor Program

Dave Ramsey is an American financial author, radio host, television personality, and motivational speaker. His show and writings strongly focus on encouraging people to get out of debt.  We have over 10 years of combined experience being the Invesment and Long-Term Care SmartVestors, and have had tremendous success in helping our clients achieve the "Financial Peace" that they deserve and desire.


Why work with a SmartVestor?

Power of Experience

We have over a decade of combined experience working with the SmartVestor program. As your finacial professional, we will assist you with setting your financial goals and help create a path to achieve them. If you want to achieve financial peace, then we can help.


Heart of a Teacher

Our top priority is to educate first, then work with you to make the financial decisions in line with Dave's advice. There are zero hard-sell pitches.


Dave Ramsey's SmartVestors

  1. Branden Schiralli

  2. Morgan Christian


“Dave Ramsey and SmartVestor are not subsidiares or affiliates of MML Investors Services, LLC, or its affiliated companies.  SmartVestor is a paid advertisement.